Feature Ideas

  1. Content Drip Sequence

    I would be great to be able to drip lessons over a set period of time. Day 1 lesson 1. Day 2 lesson 2 etc. Thanks. 👍

    Martin M
    #Improvement 👍#Must have #Deal Breaker 💔


  2. Customizable email

    Customizable email

    David L
    #Improvement 👍


  3. Customize Login Page

    If you have an invite only academy, it would be useful to be able to put a custom text and link or email address instructing users where they should go to request access or who to contact.



  4. Quizzes to pass the lessons

    Ability to have PASS/FAIL quizzes after watching the videos and locking the upcoming content until the passing score is achieved!

    #Improvement 👍#Misc 🤷


  5. I want to sell my courses! Need a payment system

    Could you allow selling courses on Marble?

    Alexey Sytnikov
    #Improvement 👍#Must have


  6. Multi question quizzes

    It would be nice to have the ability to add more than a single question to a quiz, and have different types of questions available such as free text, drag and drop and more.

    Elijah T
    #Improvement 👍#Must have


  7. Search for courses

    When you start getting many courses it needs a primary category and sub category systems as well as a search bar to search by title (and tags) Any features that would make it easier to find the course.

    #Improvement 👍#Must have #Deal Breaker 💔


  8. Live video sessions

    I'd like to have the option to conduct scheduled live video sessions with students as part of a course. This could be either through a third-party integration or built directly into Marble.

    Jurgen P
    #Improvement 👍#Must have #Integrations 🔗


  9. Open API

    That's gonna be cool to embed my Academy to my website. Please, consider the idea of creating an open API.

    Alexey Sytnikov
    #Improvement 👍#Must have


  10. Group lessons

    That would be great to have the ability to group lessons in sections to have a better course structure.

    Maria S
    #Improvement 👍#Must have


  11. Integrate Paypal payment system

    Please integrate Paypal which is available in most countries

    #Must have #Integrations 🔗


  12. Add more languages

    Spanish and French are gonna be a cool choice. Or there should be some more languages?

    Alexey Sytnikov
    #Improvement 👍


  13. Change a favicon

    There should be an opportunity to change a favicon of your Academy

    Alexey Sytnikov
    #Improvement 👍


  14. Administration of Multiple Academies Through One Admin Account

    The ability to manage multiple Academies from 1 account (agency like features with Sub-Accounts)

    Feras Z
    #Improvement 👍#Must have #White labeling


  15. Send Transactional Emails Through Own Domain / White Label

    Transactional emails are sent by the system to students and admins and are showing Marble.so email url and showing marble branding, so this beats the purpose of white labeling, so allowing us to connect our email domains could help immensely in preserving the white labeling of the offering.

    Feras Z
    #Must have #Deal Breaker 💔#White labeling